Flooring Systems for the Automotive Industry

Automobile showrooms, repair shops, service bays, and auto manufacturing facility floors require unique flooring solutions. Their floors must meet the harsh demands of heavy vehicle traffic, oil, grease, rust, and chemical exposure. Floors must be immune to hot-tire-pickup and be relatively maintenance-free. Concrete slabs are not enough to withstand the daily routine of automobile maintenance or elegant enough to impress the potential car buyer.

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Polyaspartic vs Polyurethane Floors: What's the Difference?

Protective coatings and sealants can improve your concrete’s surface strength on a massive scale. But in your search for the perfect sealant, you’ve likely come across a difficult question: “What’s the difference between polyaspartic and polyurethane sealers?”

Not sure when to use which sealer? In this article, we’ll map out the differences between polyaspartic and polyurethane coatings and discuss when to use each sealant to best protect your concrete surfaces.

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DIY Polished Concrete Floor - A Success Story

Do it yourself a polished concrete floor using self-leveling concrete and save lots of money.

When Julie and Chris Hawkins decided to leave their cramped San Francisco apartment and buy a home in Eugene, Oregon, they quadrupled their living space. They also ended up with a 1960 architect-designed home that had some of the charm of a mid-century home along with a lot of the problems. “It was a maze of hallways and doors and little rooms everywhere,” says Julie.

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How to Choose Flooring for Your Restaurant or Brewery

Imagine this common scenario: You’ve spent months of your time and hoards of your cash installing new flooring for your restaurant or brewery. But after a short while, you discover stains, chips, or hardened food ruining the surface. Suddenly, production must screech to a halt. You have to bring in large equipment for repairs, and costs climb.

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Repair Car Wash Facilities for Urethane Concrete or MMA Resin Systems 

Let's imagine that you have a car wash facility that has a concrete runway that needs to be repaired. What are your flooring options for car wash facilities? Urethane Concrete Screeds or MMA resin floor coatings are best suited for repair Car Wash Facilities.

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Best flooring option for a Bakery - Urethane Concrete System

Would you rather your bakery crew spend their time making delicious breads and muffins, or cleaning the floor? That what we thought. The right answer is of course that you want a floor that your bakery crew hardly has to think about. Of course, it needs a sweep and a mop at the end of the shift.

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Urethane Concrete Coatings for Bakery Floors

Commercial bakeries need flooring that varies throughout the workspace. Duraamen’s ultra-tough urethane concrete flooring products provide for every need in your kitchen.


First, a bakery needs tough flooring to withstand high temperatures from ovens. The floor must be protected from the accidental dropping of hot oven racks as well as scratches and dents from moving around heavy equipment.

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Flooring Options for Distilleries and Breweries

Flooring for a distillery or brewery is a special case of manufacturing facility where both durability and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. Manufacturers of spirits and wine must take great care to prevent the growth of any bacteria that could negatively impact their final product. In addition, even the smallest distilleries must deal with heavy equipment to transport hundreds of pounds of raw ingredients, which must then be heated and cooled to extreme temperatures all the while being kept completely sanitary. Furthermore, small and large distilleries are welcoming visitors to observe the process through large windows and distillery tours, so the flooring must also look good.

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Flooring Options for Cold Storage Facilities

Flooring for cold storage facilities such as dairies, laboratories, grocery stores, cafeterias or restaurants must be able to withstand cold or freezing temperatures, be easy to clean for hygiene, tolerate heavy equipment, be non-staining, non-absorbing and slip-resistant. That’s a lot to ask of any floor! If the floor in a cold storage facility can not handle these demands it is likely to crack or otherwise show damage and wear, which will compromise the integrity of the facility.

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Brewery Flooring Option - Urethane Concrete Flooring

It’s a darn shame when good beer gets spilled — all the more so when that spill can damage your floor over time, create an unhygienic environment, or put your employees at risk.

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