Why Every Contractor Should Offer Self-Leveling Concrete

Even if you already include concrete flooring and repair among  your offered services and products, you may not use self-leveling concrete yet. If this is the case, you are leaving a versatile tool out of your contracting arsenal. You probably already know how flexible concrete can be as a flooring substance, due to all the decorative and colorful options and finishes available on the market. What you may not know is that it can be easy and fast, too, thanks to overlays and especially self-leveling concrete.

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Resurfacing Concrete Over Carpet Glue and Cutback Adhesive

Polished Concrete floors have become new floor covering choice for designers and home Worldwide due to their artistic designs and durability. During renovation and remodeling of existing buildings, quiet often it is required to convert an existing floor covering like vinyl tiles or carpets into beautiful polished concrete flooring.
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How to Resurface Concrete Over Wood or Plywood Substrates

During renovation and remodeling of existing buildings, more and more people are looking for ways to convert their existing wood or plywood sub floors into concrete floors. The daily temperature and humidity changes cause the wood floors to move and expand under stress. The joints between boards and rough uneven surfaces become pronounced. Traditional latex-modified or gypsum based underlayments will crack along joints, break bond with lateral wood movement, and often strong enough to withstand the traffic.
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Best Self Leveling Concrete used to smooth Uneven Floors

Self leveling concrete is one of the most versatile flooring products on the market today. They provide a flat level surface for uneven floors but their benefits for restoring concrete go way beyond the most obvious.

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Self Leveling Concrete Flooring Project in Denver, CO

Industrial Self Leveling Concrete, Denver Colorado by Fishers Concrete

Tim Fisher of Fishers Concrete of Louisville CO, outside of Denver completed this project by applying our Param 5500 Self Leveling Concrete and one of our sealer systems. (Project Date - November, 2011)

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How to install self-leveling concrete over tiles, New Orleans, LA?

Brian Manzanares of Decocrete, a flooring contractor from New Orleans, LA recently completed this 1,000 square foot resurfacing project using Param 5500 self leveling concrete over ceramic tile to create a polished concrete floors.

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How To Apply Concrete Over a dry Carpet Glue?

If the carpet glue is dry and bonded very well to the substrate then self-leveling concrete or a micro-topping can be installed right over the carpet glue. While you can conduct a pull-off test (ASTM D4541) to ensure that the glue is well bonded to the substrate, we recommend at the minimum conducting a compatibility test of the Paramol or CP1000 Primers and the carpet glue by installing test area.

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Installation of Self-leveling concrete over a plywood Sub-floor - Boston, MA

The following project was executed by  Tom Zilian of Madstone Floors from Boston, MA who created a polished concrete floor over a plywood substrate. In this project Tom had to remove old tile and install another layer of 3/4" thick plywood.

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Floor Restoration with self-leveling epoxy in New York City

New World Stages, a theatrical venue located on West 50th Street, New York City had an epoxy floor coating over a self leveling concrete floor that was delaminating. Moisture vapor pressure from underneath the floor was pushing upwards breaking the bond between the epoxy and the concrete surface.

Location – 340 West 5oth Street, New York City
Project – New World Stages, 6200 square feet
Problem – Delaminating epoxy paint due to moisture vapor emission
Solution – New high performance, non slip coating to withstand moisture pressure
Products Used – Perdure MVT+, Lumiere Metallic Epoxy
Contractor – Mirage Finishes, Valley Stream, NY

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Why Epoxy Coatings Make Sense for Commercial Spaces?

There are several advantages of using epoxy coatings in commercial spaces. These coatings enhance the value of your property. In business, aesthetics are very important. The way customers perceive your business may be impacted by many factors, from the neighborhood where it is located, down to the letterhead you use. Since customers make mental notes of all aspects of your business, it is fair to assume that flooring will certainly be a factor as well. That is why it is important to make a good decision when it comes to flooring material, and the way it is presented.

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