Secrets to Resurfacing Your Pool Deck Like a Pro

Resurfacing a pool deck can increase the value of your property, attract visitors, and completely change the feel of your aquatic area. But resurfacing water- and sun-soaked concrete takes special care. 

If you want your next pool project to be successful, it’s important to pick out materials and use techniques that give your concrete surfaces the perfect combination of look, style, and performance. This article will highlight the best materials to use for your next pool or deck resurfacing project and outline what you’ll need to upgrade all of your pool surfaces.

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​Decorative Concrete Products Reinvigorate the Patio

Decorative concrete products are making it easier and cheaper than ever before for homeowners to get the patio of their dreams without spending a fortune. In fact, estimates are that in many cases, it can cost up to 50% less when using decorative and stamped concrete rather than using natural stones for the patio. However, it is possible to do far more with today’s concrete. It can create a look very similar to actual brick, cobblestones, marble, and even wood. It is possible to add patterns, shapes, and designs with relative ease, so long as the contractor has experience.

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Stenciled Concrete for Pool decks, Patios and Driveways

Stenciled concrete is a great option for pool decks, patios and driveways.

How can concrete become brick? Or be turned into fan-shaped cobblestone? Or have your company logo “painted” on? The answer to all of those questions is stencils. Stenciled concrete is popular for exterior surfaces like driveways, patios and pool decks because there are a lot of varied patterns available, and they are pretty DIY friendly.

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Why Concrete Resurfacing Makes Sense for Your Pool Deck

Pool deck overlays, including repair or concrete resurfacing, allow you to completely transform your deck with beautiful designs as well as custom colors. To make your pool deck the focal point of your backyard, you can use these overlay products to create high performance, slip resistant decks. Systems can be designed to resist damage from pool chemicals, UV rays, and temperature extremes.

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