Flooring for Mechanical Equipment Rooms

Equipping Your Mechanical Equipment Room with the Right Flooring Solution

You may be asking yourself, ‘Do I really need a specialized floor in the basement of my building?’ If that’s where your mechanical equipment room is, then the answer is yes.

Home to equipment like water heaters, water pumps, back up generators, and your HVAC, it’s imperative to have a flooring solution that’s waterproof from wall to floor, able to protect your concrete, and capable of withstanding abrasion, chemicals and the weight and impact of so much equipment.

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Specifications for Clean Room Flooring Systems

Clean rooms are highly sophisticated buildings that fulfill crucial functions for highly sensitive processes. Clean room design and construction is now a special segment of the building industry and accounts for the specification and installation of an ever increasing amount of interior surface finish material. A clean room is a specialized enclosure that establishes an environmentally controlled space where airborne particles, microbes, temperature, humidity, airflow, and other elements are carefully regulated. Clean rooms are no longer used just in the aerospace industry. Today clean rooms are built wherever contamination control is important: pharmaceutical and medical technology labs and production areas; semiconductor, computer, and communication system assembly and testing facilities; optical, biotechnology, food and drink processing plants.

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Novolac Epoxy for Chemical Resistant Industrial Coatings

Epoxy coatings consist of two components that react with each other forming a durable flooring surface. One component (Part A) consists of an epoxy resin and the other component is a curing agent (also called hardener), Part B. The selection of curing agent or hardener plays a major role in determining many of the properties of the final floor coating. These properties include pot life, dry time, penetration and wetting ability. The epoxy resin (Part A) and curing agent (Part B) are cross-linked in order to develop the epoxy coating’s required characteristics.

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What are different types of industrial floor coatings?

The most popular resins used in industrial floor coatings are epoxy, methyl methacrylate (MMA), polyurethane, polyurea and polyaspartic. They are used in different configurations to achieve desired performance characteristics. Typically they are applied at 8 to 10 mil to 1/4" thickness as per the project requirements. 

Perdure SLE – New Balance cafe, Boston, MA

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Best Industrial Flooring Contractors

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings


What ever the flooring situation, there is an industrial epoxy coating. The blends vary depending on the condition of the concrete surface and the use.



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How To Specify Floor Coatings for Commercial and Industrial Flooring

A properly chosen floor coating will prolong the life of the industrial or commercial flooring, it will reduce downtime by protecting it, and it will possibly even improve its efficiency.

The key steps to choosing the right coating is first to understand what key properties are required of the coating. Once this is accomplished, you can start looking at specification sheets and determine if the standards quoted accurately stimulate the expected real-world conditions. This should lead to an educated and correct decision. The information for a comparison of the different coating options is generally limited to three possible sources: anecdotal evidence, a salesman’s pitch, or a manufacturer’s specification sheet. The first two can be judged by impression or level of trust and are somewhat subjective. The third can be difficult to judge.

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Polished Concrete Contractors, New Jersey

Polished Concrete Products and Installers in the Tri-State Area
Duraamen products are available to contractors as well as DIY Enthusiasts in the Tri-state area. We can either ship the products to them or they can pick up from our warehouse in Cranbury, NJ.
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Choose Duraamen products to Score More Commercial Customers

If you want to make 2015 a better year than the last, then you need to change something up. While contractors have all sorts of options in terms of offering their clientele something different, we humbly recommend you take a look at what Duraamen has to offer, especially in terms of concrete floor coatings.

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Industrial Coatings and Polished Concrete Flooring products supplier in New Jersey

As a contractor, selecting the right New Jersey concrete floor supplier can be crucial. You need to find a supplier that offers high-quality products for a lower price, or at least has a discount for bulk orders and repeat clients. The best supplies will be dependable and affordable and offer good customer service. Duraamen is a perfect example, and with many of distributors around the country, there is no shortage of our products in New Jersey or anywhere else you may travel. Here are a few things that contractors should know when selecting a concrete floor supplier.

Variety of Products

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