Polished Concrete over Gypsum Subfloor, Providence, RI

Sometimes there are many solutions, and sometimes there is just one. For those rare instances when you need a polished concrete flooring over a gypsum concrete substrate, our Skraffino microtopping is the only overlay on the market that will adhere. Typical overlays simply won’t bond.

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How to achieve polished concrete over gypsum substrate?

How To Resurface Gypsum Subfloor With a Duraamen Concrete Overlay?

Very few products have the ability to perform over Gypsum substarte. Gypsum underlayments are quite often used in high rise buildings as sub-floor. It is lightweight product but very porous and very soft although high strength gypsum underlayments are in the market. However they are seldom recommended as finished floors.


Before – How To Resurface Gypsum Substrate – Seattle, WA

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Concrete Resurfacing over Gypsum Sub-floor in Cleveland, OH

Concrete resurfacing over gypsum based sub-floors provides a great option to create beautiful polished stained concrete floors. Few months ago (Dec 30, 2009) Gary Jones and I were in Cleveland, OH to consult on a decorative concrete project. The contractor was fairly new in the business and the area was large (4500ft 2) for him to handle by himself. Therefore we were invited to consult on the project.

Concrete Resurfacing over Gypsum Subfloor

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How to resurface and acid stain gypsum subfloor?

Acid staining concrete is a process in which an aqueous solution of metallic oxides and inorganic acid is sprayed over an existing concrete surface. This acidic solution of metallic oxide reacts with lime (Calcium Hydroxide) present in the concrete yielding insoluble, colored compounds that become a permanent part of the concrete.

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