How to Use Decorative Concrete Floors to Revitalize Your Space

Decorative concrete is catching the eyes of people across the globe. What’s more, users are waking up to the broader benefits of these dazzling surfaces. Beyond looking great, decorative concrete lasts a long time and is easy to install. That makes it a top choice for all types of floors, whether they’re in commercial, residential, or institutional spaces.

Want to see what’s creating the buzz around decorative concrete? In this article, we’ll examine the ins and outs of decorative concrete and outline what you need to know to lay down an impressive, longer-lasting floor. 

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Helping Your Clients to Add Value to Their Businesses with Decorative Concrete Flooring

Concrete is not often the first flooring option that comes to mind for many clients when they are either building or remodeling an office or home. This is because concrete has a reputation for being drab, gray, and dull. This does not have to be the case. Decorative concrete flooring can provide your clients with the ability to add value and beauty to their home or business.

Due to the fact that decorative concrete flooring can take on the look of natural stone, it can add elegance to any property without the time and cost associated with installing actual natural stone. Additionally, there are many alterations that can be made to decorative concrete, including stamping and staining to create a unique and sophisticated finish.

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Moisture Mitigation in Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring requires the use of water in order for the reactions of its ingredients to take place. The result is a strong solid material. But if too much moisture is used, or if there is moisture coming through the concrete floor from the environment, moisture mitigation must be done. Moisture mitigation in a concrete floor means to reduce or eliminate the water from moving through the floor in the form of vapor.

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DIY Guide to Concrete Flooring Installation

Adding polished concrete flooring to your existing hard surface floor covering can prove to be a hard task, and one that can become a little cumbersome. This is precisely why it makes an exciting DIY project, one that will completely immerse you and give you the utmost satisfaction once done. Adding polished concrete flooring is one of the best ways to enhance the aesthetic value of your home.

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DIY - Polished Concrete flooring over gypsum underlayment

Gypsum cement floor underlayments and radiant floor heating systems are being specified in multi-level condominiums, hotels and high-rise buildings in conjunction with stained concrete flooring or polished concrete flooring. Past technology did not allow concrete overlays or micro-toppings to be installed directly to the surface of a gypsum substrate. Duraamen's concrete micro topping has been successfully installed over gypsum based underlayments. Once the gypsum based sub-floor is properly installed and cured in accordance with the manufacturer's directions, preparation for the installation of concrete overlay may begin.

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Poured cement flooring at Cressi showroom in Saddle Brook, NJ

Poured cement flooring was used recently by contractor based in Englewood, NJ in a Cressi showroom in Saddle Brook, NJ. Cressi is an Italian company offering a full range of swimming products and apparel including swim masks, goggles, fins, caps, swim suits and accessories.

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Concrete Floors installed in retail stores in Short Hills, NJ

Polished concrete floors was installed recently at Bloomingdales in Short Hills, NJ using a self-leveling concrete overlay and concrete micro-topping.

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How To install Concrete Over plywood sub-floor?

How to apply self-leveling concrete over plywood substrate - Case Study - Project in Louisville, CO

Using Param 5500, self-leveling concrete a polished concrete floor was created over plywood sub-floor.

How To Apply Concrete Over Wood

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How to restore Concrete Flooring in Boston Metro area?

Restore Concrete Floors using Duraamen Products in Boston Metro area. The following project was completed by a local contractor for a wine store called The Urban Grape in Boston, MA. The process included removing tile from an old, deteriorating concrete surface. Once the tile was removed, the next step was to remove the mastic from the old tile. Madstone Floors then used a shot blaster to remove the mastic and all imperfections in the surface.


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How To Fix Concrete Floors With Moisture Vapor Problems?

Basements and floors on grade are particularly vulnerable to moisture vapor caused by pressure that pushes upwards through small air holes in concrete. Concrete is porous with tiny air holes caused during initial pouring and curing.


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