Polished Concrete Flooring Options for Your Basement

Imagine being able to transform your basement floor into any color, design or pattern you want for your family. Decorative concrete resurfacing is the answer. This is the application of new concrete on top of an existing surface.

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Decorative Concrete Flooring in Omaha, NB

Serfaceworks of Omaha, NB owned by Matthew Dethlefs completed this basement floor restoration using our Skraffino decorative concrete flooring system. Skraffino is an excellent cementitious overlay that has been used on thousands of floors worldwide.


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Basement Flooring Options, NY, NJ, CT. PA, MA

What are the different flooring options available for the residents of East Coast in their basements? Flooring in basements must be resistant to moisture from the concrete substrate as well as flooding on the top. Polished Concrete Flooring or Moisture Vapor Resistant Epoxy flooring are the two options that have been tested successfully over a period of time. 
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Basement Flooring Options in Rhode Island

There are several flooring options for basements in Rhode Island or elsewhere. Polished Concrete Toppings or Moisture Resistant Epoxy Coatings are the most popular ones in the market. Duraamen has a full line of these flooring systems.

Basement Floors Rhode Island

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Water based concrete stain enhances the look of the basement floors

RS Concrete Solutions accepted a project from a home owner in London, ON. In the fall of last year, the had a flooded basement. Turns out there was some plumbing issues under the concrete. So it all had to be broken up, taken out, plumbing fixed, and concrete replaced.
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Best flooring ideas for flooded basements in NJ and NY

The loss of electricity during the recent heavy rainfall in New York and New Jersey have damaged the existing flooring in many basements. Polished concrete floors or resinous coating systems are a great option for basements in the tri-state area.

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