Polished Concrete Flooring in a Retail Store in Glendale, CA

Terrazzi Sprayable polished concrete flooring installed in two Perry Ellis Stores in Glendale Galleria Glendale and Los Cerritos Center California.

Retail Store Flooring Glendale Galleria California

Retail Store Flooring Glendale Galleria California

Two Perry Ellis Stores were recently completed in California using a combination of Param 4500 self leveling concrete  and Terrazzi polished concrete .  he results are spectacular as you can see. This system is ideal for any facility looking to create a customized floor whether retail, restaurant, art galleries or office buildings. 

Floors can be seamless or saw cuts can be applied to create the look of large tile or any design. Colors combinations are subject to your imagination. Color pigments can be added to the mix before application then topical dyes can be applied. For this Perry Ellis retail store, a single color was used. The result is simple and elegant. Accessories and products complete the package.

Perry Ellis Retail Store Concrete Flooring – Project Details

Starting with a raw space, the floor is mechanically ground to remove old coatings, mastics and any potential bond breakers. Once the surface is fully prepared, Param 4500 was applied at a consistent ¼” thickness. Param levels and cures quickly with virtually no shrinkage. This is a significant feature. Since there is no shrinkage, Param will not pull away from the floor. Once applied it stays put exactly where it is.

The next step is application of Arapido concrete microtopping using Tearrazzi Sprayer. Aquacolor, a liquid colorant is added into the mix before application. Arapido over Param 4500 self leveling concrete is a perfect combination. The combination is extremely durable while Arapido as a decorative finish looks outstanding on a perfectly flat surface like Param 5500.

To complete the project with a super hard protective coating that also enhances the Arapdio concrete microtopping is application of Perdure E32 water based epoxy sealer with a final coating of our Perdure U90 moisture cured polyurethane.

This system has been applied on several floors nationwide. In addition to professionals in our network who are skilled retail store concrete flooring experts like these projects in Glendale and Los Cerritos California we have experts nationwide.

The complete installation process is shown in the videos on this page - https://www.duraamen.com/how-to-install-sprayable-polished-concrete-floor

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