Polyaspartic coatings chosen at Rockefeller Center in NYC


Bill's Bar and Burger located in Rockefeller Center in New York City installed polyaspartic coating in their restaurant. The last weekend (Week of April 31, 2010) was a busy weekend. We helped finishing an application of stained concrete floor at flagship restaurant of Bill’s Bar and Burger. 

Application of Deso Dyes

Deso Dyes application

Floor after application epoxy primer

Floor after application epoxy primer

Application of Polyaspartic

Application of Polyaspartic coating

The last weekend was a busy weekend. We helped finishing an application of stained concrete floor at flagship restaurant of Bill’s Bar and Burger at Rockefeller Center. Last Wednesday we received a call from Tom Zilian of Madstone Concrete from Rhode Island requesting for specifications to finish a 4300 square feet of stained concrete floor in two days! The restaurant was split in two levels…some of it was patched and some of it had a self leveling concrete. We had to create rustic…aged…retro-look for the floor.

The site was in Madstone Concrete’s were allowed to start the work on Saturday morning (08/28) at 8.30am and it had to be ready for foot traffic on Monday morning (08/30). Mind you the samples were to approved on site on Saturday. After our meeting with Tara Oxley, Design Director of BR Guest Restaurants last Thursday, I had an idea of what they were looking for. We ensured that we had all the colors available on site to arrive at the look for the restaurant floor.

While the floor was being prepared on Saturday morning, Tom and I were developing a site mock up. After tweaking the colors couple of times, Tara finally approved the color scheme at 1.30 pm on Saturday. Tom Zilian started coloring the floor with Deso Dyes at 2.00 pm which lasted for three hours. The color scheme consisted of dyeing the floor with DESO Dye-Burlywood and then a very diluted version of DESO Dye-Rosy Brown. After allowing the dye to sit for half an hour, the entire floor colored with a diluted version DESO Dye- Black. After the Black DESO Dye was applied a thin layer of water based acrylic sealer was applied. It was allowed to cure overnight. On Sunday morning at about 8.30 am we started the application of a water based epoxy primer, Perdure E32. It took about 3 hours to prime the entire area of 4300 square feet for a team of 6 people. The water based epoxy primer was allowed to cure for 3 hours. At about 3.00 pm the application of polyaspartic coating was started. It took two hours for a team of 6 people to complete the application. Of course, having experienced people like John and Jeff from JS Coatings helps in the application of polyaspartic coating, Perdure P72.

Bill’s Bar & Burger flagship will be joining other restaurants and retail shops at Rockefeller Center such as Brasserie Ruhlmann, Magnolia Bakery, Anthropologie, Cole Haan, Movado and Top of the Rock, the Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center. It is very important to have a highly durable flooring at this restaurant. The application of polyaspartic coating ensures that the floor lasts for a long time with very minimum maintenance.

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