How to fix a cracked Concrete Counter top?

Last week Kevin McGovern of Mirage Studios, Valley Stream, NY reported us about a project where a micro-topping, Skraffino was used to resurface a concrete counter top. The kitchen counter-top was cast-in-place in a high rise apartment in Manhattan. During the installation of kitchen appliances, the counter top was damaged (cracked and dented). Skraffino (polymer modified concrete overlay) was used to resurface the counter top after the cracks and dents were fixed with a epoxy patching compound. Skraffino is applied in two coats at a total thickness of 1/16 inch. After the micro topping was cured for 24 hours, the concrete counter top was sealed with one coat of epoxy primer/sealer, Perdure E32 and one coat of moisture cured polyurethane Perdure U90. It is a good idea to apply a 100% solids UV stable epoxy between the primer and the top coat. It will help in blocking oils and fats penetrate and stain the concrete.
John York showing the countertop that was fixed with Sgraffino

John York showing the countertop that was fixed with Skraffino


Concrete Countertop sealed with epoxy sealer and polyurethane top coat


Concrete micro-topping can be applied over plywood substrates to create a beautiful concrete counter top. It can be integrally colored or topically stained with a UV stable dye. An application of epoxy coating and matte or satin polyurethane topcoat gives a very durable surface. 

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