Floor Restoration with self-leveling epoxy in New York City


New World Stages, a theatrical venue located on West 50th Street, New York City had an epoxy floor coating over a self leveling concrete floor that was delaminating. Moisture vapor pressure from underneath the floor was pushing upwards breaking the bond between the epoxy and the concrete surface.

Location – 340 West 5oth Street, New York City
Project – New World Stages, 6200 square feet
Problem – Delaminating epoxy paint due to moisture vapor emission
Solution – New high performance, non slip coating to withstand moisture pressure
Products Used – Perdure MVT+, Lumiere Metallic Epoxy
Contractor – Mirage Finishes, Valley Stream, NY

Epoxy Floor New York City
Purdure MVT

Application of Purdure MVT+

The contractor for the project, Mirage Finishes, removed the old peeling epoxy coating and and applied a new, high build self-leveling epoxy coating called Perdure MVT+. This is one of our unique moisture vapor emission treatment for concrete substrates that will withstand excessive moisture pressure and protect it from failing. Perdure MVT+ has unusual bonding characteristics making it one of the best solutions for floors with moisture issues. It was applied at a thickness of 1/4" and allowed to cure for 24 hours before going on to the next step.

 After Perdure MVT+ was cured for 24 hours, a high build coat of self-leveling epoxy Lumiere was applied. This is an additional high performance coating with unlimited decorative potential in addition to being extremely durable and easy to maintain. The contractor applied a non – slip component with a coefficient of friction level exceeding OSHA recommended levels.

If you have a concrete floor in any residential or commercial property, we likely have specialized products that provide a functional, decorative and economical result. We also maintain a nationwide network of contractors and flooring artisans skilled in using all our concrete products.

The installation of self-leveling metallic epoxy system is shown in these videos - https://www.duraamen.com/video-gallery/how-install-designer-epoxy-coating-system

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