Epoxy Coatings Restore Concrete Floors in Philadelphia, PA


Evans Constructions Services completed a epoxy coating project in a winery near Philadelphia using Duraamen self-leveling epoxy coatings over stained concrete floor.

Epoxy Coatings

Originally the floor was sealed with an acrylic sealer which could not withstand the high amount of foot traffic. After a year, the flooring needed a new high performance coating.

The process of resealing worked out very well. Evans Construction lightly sanded the worn acrylic sealer, then they applied our Perdure E32 clear water based epoxy primer/sealer. This product works as a durable, high performance primer.

The top coat applied was out Perdure U50 polyurethane. This is a 2 component finish coat that will withstand the most abrasive foot traffic with long term durability. It is resistant to chemicals ill and easy to maintain. Many of our clients have applied Perdure U50 to protect floors in warehouses, garages, airplane hangars, repair shops and other industrial facilities.

If your floor needs a resealing solution, contact us to discuss the condition of your floor. We have many sealers and epoxy coatings that solve a myriad of flooring problems.

epoxy coatings

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