Polished Concrete floors in a Restaurant in Cleveland, OH

In Chin's Bamboo Garden, a restaurant specializing in Indo-Chinese cuisine was recently opened in Cleveland, OH (in North Olmsted,OH). PDM Concrete of Avon, OH installed the polished concrete flooring in the restaurant. Concrete resurfacing is a great option when the substrate is damaged when removing the carpet glue. 
Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden

Restaurant Interior Floor
Restaurant Interior Floor
Pentimento sealed with Perdure E32 and Perdure U46
Param SSL sealed with Perdure E32 and Perdure U46

The restaurant floor had carpet glue all over the place. The glue was removed with a grinder and then the following steps were carried out -

Day 1 -

  1. Prepare the substrate, mask the walls and prime the substrate with acrylic polymer CP1000

Day 2

  1. Install Param SSL (white) at 1/8″ thick using Turbo Roller. 

Day 3

  1. Use Concrete Dyes to create an acid stained look
  2. Lock the dyes with a water based acrylic sealer, Perdure A03. This sealer has to be sprayed and NOT rolled.

Day 4

  1. Using a 3/8" nap roller, apply one coat of Perdure E32 – water based epoxy primer/sealer
  2. Using a 3/8" nap roller, apply two coats of Perdure U46 – water based polyurethane

The total floor area was 2400sq.ft. and it was completed in 5 days. The crew consisted of 2 people in all the days except the day of Param SSL pour. On the day of the pour (Day 2), the contractors has a crew of 5 people. 

Please contact us to discuss about your restaurant flooring project. We have various flooring systems that are suitable for restaurant kitchens, behind bars, rest rooms and of course dining rooms.

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