How to create a Concrete Countertop over Plywood Substrate?

Apply Concrete Over Formica to Create Beautiful Concrete Countertops
One of the most versatile and amazing products for resurfacing is Skraffino a very natural looking cementitious overlay. It comes in two base colors of gray or white. Skraffino is a very fine concrete that is mixed with a polymer and our iron oxide pigments called Colorfast. Skraffino can also be dyed various colors and techniques to produce unique, attractive countertops as well as floors and walls.
How To Apply Concrete Over Formica

The process of resurfacing formica is fairly simple, requiring basic, inexpensive tools. The photos of the brown counter-top were sent to us by John Cement of Detroit Michigan.

How To Apply Concrete Over Formica – The Steps

  1. Surface Prep – Sand the surface of the Formica to create “tooth”. Sanding increases surface area for adhesion.
  2. Apply Polymer – Apply our polymer with a brush, sponge or rag covering all areas. Then wait for surface to dry. As an extra precaution you can apply a second coat and wait for polymer to dry.
  3. Mix Skraffino – Put polymer in a five gallon bucket and add Skraffino while mixing with drill and mixing paddle.
  4. Add Color – Mix Skaffino well for 3-4 minutes and using a straight edge, scrape any product sticking to interior of bucket. Once mixed add appropriate amount of Colorfast.
  5. Apply Skraffino – pour Skaffino over countertop and using a magic trowel, spread over surface in various directions to create a natural appearance. You can use a roller to apply to vertical edges.
  6. Lightly Sand Surface – You can lightly sand surface to remove any high spots and edges.
  7. Seal Surface – We have various sealers that can be applied to create a glossy or a matte finish.

Once sealer is dry you are ready to use your new countertop. For those of you who are creative and artistic there are many other applications and uses. Clients of our have used Skraffino and another of our overlays called Param SSL for creating tabletops, shelving, bar tops and shower walls. Skraffino can be used for interiors and exteriors.

CLICK HERE to watch the complete installation process of Skraffino concrete micro-cement.

How To Apply Concrete Over Formica

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